Santa Claus And God Are The Same Thing?

I’m Christian and I’ve come up with a weird thought.
God is man that a majority of people don’t have the brainpower to believe.
Santa is a man that kids believe until they get old enough to lose hope.
The basic storyline between the two are kinda the same.
God waits till the end and reads in the book of life to see whose been “Naughty” or “Nice”
Same goes for Santa. Maybe Santa is the more understandable explanation for children. God is the adult version. Kids think “gifts” while adults think “stress”. We have created a false god “Santa” when actually the real God gave you the financial circumstances to get gifts for your children. Santa get’s all the reputation when God is the one who actually put the magic in it. Am I making sense?

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13 Responses to “Santa Claus And God Are The Same Thing?”

  1. wren says:

    …santa claus ( or satans claws) will grip you in ways always unexpected, but mostly financially and emotionally..he is the alternative to a loving God who provides for His children..a worldly alternative if you like the comparison better..and we are so geared to fall into his plans whether it be Christmas, Easter or any other “holiday” in between but,
    Christ-mas is about the birth of Christ and the gifts He was given from 3 Kings who travelled for many months to arrive and worship this new King. He came to bring life and liberty to the captives..and yet many are trapped in the wordly ‘ give, give ‘ attitudes, that don’t reflect the true meaning of the season..and so children come to expect what they see as their rights to an event which is a truly warped way of looking at it.I am not against Christmas but it is so commercialised and lacks the real warmth of actually giving to others.
    It is not about us giving ourselves or our families, presents in recognition of this. That brings dissatisfaction and such a worldly ‘pride’ in doing this for them.. Where is the recognition of Christ in this ? The prince of this world would always to keep us in bondage to spending, more and more for what ? So the kids can have some presents, because they deserve it, or what valid reason could you tell God that you impoverished yourself for one day’s pleasure for the kids because it’s Xmas and Santa Claus ? Tradition ? Because it’s expected ? Because you have nothing or no one better to give your money too ?
    It’s fantastic to give gifts at Christmas, to others, not of our family..Many go hungry at this time of year, or have no roof over their heads, and Christmas is a good way for you to open your hearts to those less fortunate than yourselves. To be Christ-like in recognition of who Christ is and who we serve.
    Read what Jesus Christ said about this in Matthew 10:42 and Mark 9:41 and then review how you see the season of Christmas, through Him.
    It may just change your perspective on what is real and what is not for there is no “majik” in Christ..
    You either serve Him or you don’t..
    And hell ? This is where people choose to go. God doesn’t send them there..
    Issues like pride, self-interests, unforgiveness, anger, hatred, vileness, playing with majik and thinking it is harmless, lack of compassion, false religious doctrines, unbelief in God/ Jesus Christ/ Holy Spirit, and all liars will propel people to hell quicker than anything else and why ? Because they choose rebellion ( which is likened to the sin of witchcraft) over the words Christ spoke and actions we are asked to do because as Christ did, so should we do.
    So, in saying all this, the attitudes of Christ-mas should be adopted on a more regular basis.
    If you would be compassionate, or kind or loving to others, do so everyday. For Christ didn’t celebrate His birthday but He constantly gave to others; life, truth and hope.. Are we called to do anything less ?
    Me, personally, I have elderly people within my community who live very sparingly, so I make up mini hampers full of nice things they may never be able to afford, for example..a gift card for $20, a meat voucher for $30, some homemade jam or a fruit cake, some nice soap,a box of good quality soap powder and fabric softener; all or some of the above as God puts it on your heart or just cook them some meals, and put them into freezer containers so that they can re-heat them when they are needed. Out of your abundance give to others and that is the meaning of ‘Christmas’…

  2. Kaboose says:

    OF course not but most atheist have what is called “Santa Syndrome”, they are so dumb and delusional they can’t even figure out the difference between a made up character and the one true God.
    I’ll leave you a video on the subject someone made.

  3. planner says:

    well, this is close, but no cigar.
    actually, the things which children are told about satan claus (opps, i rearranged the letters. i meant to say santa claus) are no accident. satan is behind it all so that once a child finds out that the omicient being in the sky in a red suit is not real, it makes it harder for them to believe that God, who is really omincient, is real.
    santa claus and christmas and all that goes with it are fueled by a lieing spirit which works to deceive and mostly to deceive children so that when they become adults, they find it hard to have faith. remember that christmas was a pagan holiday and has nothing to do with Jesus who was born in the spring. so, the whole thing is a lie.

  4. Rob the Baptist says:

    I was a doubter like most until I married a black magic woman,I didn’t know until after I left her how powerful that voodoo is.After being tortured for many years and denying all the “bad luck”I finally broke down for some help from other witchcraft workers,my ex-wife was more powerful and it only brought on worse demon attacks.Only after I gave my life to Jesus did all the day & night death visions,bone spurs,conjunctivitis,illnesses,pain..etc… [denotes how horrible it was]stop almost instantaneously,my doctor could not understand.All I knew was that Jesus Christ is the most powerful period.Pray to him with a sincere open heart and he will prove himself I assure you.No one can tell me there is no almighty powerful God Jehovah for I have seen proof.

  5. Helen says:

    As I child, I was brought up to be religious, in addition to believing in Santa, of course.
    I was 9 when mum sat me down at told me Santa wasn’t real.
    Of course I was heartbroken. But then after that, I started to wonder… Why was my mum carrying on acting as though God was real, when Santa wasn’t? I thought she was pretending, the same way she’d pretended about Santa. Obviously God was no more real than Santa, so why carry on the act?
    Only when I got a little older did I realise, actually she WASN’T pretending… She really did believe it. Crazy, huh?!
    Santa was most definitely not real, but apparantly, there were adults who still genuinely believed in an all-knowing, all-seeing man in the sky…!
    So no, Dustin. In answer to your question, you aren’t making a lot of sense at all.

  6. Waffles; The Agravated Panther says:

    I think you forget the fictional character of Santa has a mountain of evidence and is even based in historical truth; where as a deity is not based in truth rather how ancient people described how things happened when they had no real idea of how things happened

  7. ? says:

    If God is man that a majority of people don’t have the brainpower to believe then why would god want us to believe in him?
    Santa doesn’t send peopel to hell for eternity for not believing in him

  8. Kristin says:

    The flaw in your process is believing that God is defined by one religion’s scripture. The concept of the Divine is not defined by Christianity.

  9. Beau says:

    Santa is a pre-rational belief, while God is a trans-rational Reality.
    Peace and Namaste!


    That Santa comparison has only been happening for 100 years or so.

  11. Kwark says:

    Yes, they are both made up but Santa never hurt anyone.
    Additional Details:
    Is there bacon in hell? if there is, it can’t be that bad.

  12. CHEF says:

    We rest our case.
    ~The Atheists

  13. Wilson says:

    I am god.
    Think about it

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