Sata Problem With Motherboard?

hi im building gaming pc i have chosen the mother board i want to use …. ( i think theres only one sata port and i think i need more is there a way i can get more ?
also will the corsair vengeance fit on the motherboard? ( i thought they would but my friend said they wont ?

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2 Responses to “Sata Problem With Motherboard?”

  1. Frank says:

    I think that doing this is beyond your capabilities. Why? I googled FM2A75-PRO4 and the first hit is the manufacturer’s page that clearly states 5 x SATA3 and 1 x eSATA3.
    The fact that you couldn’t find this on your own suggests that this build is going to be beyond your capabilities.

  2. Colinc says:

    First, NEVER use add-on cards unless you can not possibly avoid it. They will slow the machine down. So find a board with more SATA ports. The images are not clear enough to tell what ports it has, check the manufacturer’s data sheets.

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