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If you are old enough to remember the old black and white situation comedies offered by the three major networks, you probably feel a great deal of nostalgia any time you see a glimpse of a rerun of one of them. If you love to watch these old programs, you can do so regularly on satellite TV or cable TV.

The beauty of having satellite or cable TV is that you can watch just about anything you want any time you want because there is so much available to you on satellite and cable TV. If the old black and whites leave you cold, you might prefer all movie channels.

Several all movie channels are available on cable TV and you might be surprised to find out that not all of them are premium channels so you can watch them even if you have only basic satellite or basic cable. If you can not sit still long enough for a movie, however, perhaps a music video channel would fit your lifestyle.

Whether you love rock music, country music or gospel music, you can find a music video channel that plays your favorite music videos. You can get up and dance all night long with your favorite music artists through most basic satellite and cable TV packages.

If you do not need the video, but you love the sound system on your television system, you will find that most satellite and cable TV providers also offer music stations that play continuous, uninterrupted music in just about every imaginable genre as part of their basic satellite or cable packages.

If you love jazz music, flip your cable or satellite receiver to the jazz music station and you do not even have to have your TV turned on if your receiver is wired into your surround sound system and you will hear digital high quality sounding jazz music for however many hours you want to hear it. You can find television music stations in country, jazz, contemporary, rock, soft rock, new age or any other imaginable genre.

When you are ready to turn your television back on, your satellite or cable TV channel lineup will be waiting to entertain you with whatever form of entertainment you like to watch. If you are a man who likes to watch nothing but action TV, satellite and Cable TV offers you a station. If you are a woman who loves to watch nothing but television programs aimed at women, they offer that too.

Are you a science freak that wants to know about every scientific invention on the horizon? If you are, cable and satellite TV offers stations just for you. Are you a history buff? Or do you want your kids to be? Cable and satellite TV offer you an entire channel dedicated to history, from ancient Egyptian history to recent Vietnam history.

It does not matter what your interests are, satellite and cable TV offer you the best variety of television programming. If all you have is local free television, you are missing an entire world of mind-bending television programs.

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