Satellite Tv Companies…which Is Better?

I am asking for opinions regarding satellite TV companies; which is better, and why? I will explain below why I ask.
Raked in behind by Direct TV……. !
When we signed up with Direct TV, we received a $10 per-month discount on our bill for agreeing to have automatic credit card debit, for payment on the bill. Then, the bank sent a “new credit card” because the old would expire in one month. The bank “activated” the new card without letting the cardholder know they did this. This caused this month’s Direct TV bill to bounce since the payment to Direct TV was rejected from the “old card.” When I called Direct TV, and explained what the bank did, and gave them the new card number, I was told the $10 per-month discount we had will now be reduced to $5 per-month discount for automatic credit card/debit. I questioned why the discount dropped $5. I was told due to the fact that the automatic credit card debit had to be re-enstated! The card essentially was penalized for the bank’s error. I was told by Direct TV, “There is nothing we can do.” Everything is the same except a new credit card number with a new expiration date. I told Direct TV, “There may be NOTHING YOU CAN DO, but I have the option to end my service with you and not send you another dime! Sounds like a marriage between the bank and Direct TV (and if the bank did this to only 500 Direct TV customers with their credit cards), Direct TV profits by $2,500 per month! THIS, my friends, is how monopolies learn, and profit by, sneaky ways to put less money in our pockets, and more money in their big business! Bye-bye Direct TV!

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