Satellite TV, DIRECTV and DISH Network Providers

Just like Coke and Pepsi are the rivals with soft drinks, when it comes to Satellite TV there’s really only 2 satellite TV providers on the scene. DIRECTV and DISH Network that is. Yes, you have your cable TV companies, but when it comes to Satellite TV there’s really only 2 name brands in the U.S.A. that is. Why one chooses Dish Network over DIRECTV or DIRECTV over DISH Network is probably a couple different reasons, but all a matter of preference.

I will keep it generic, the first is probably money, the second more than likely channels and the third would be technological features. I have personally have tried both DISH Network and DIRECTV and there is definitely not the best of both worlds in just one satellite TV service provider. With DISH Network you have a lower monthly bill than DIRECTV and that is a plus, but the remote control via DIRECTV is a lot better than DISH Network.

At least it is at this present time, who knows one day the roles might be reversed. Also, the DVR from DIRECTV is nice but then DISH Network came out with TURBO HD. I have not tried TURBO HD by DISH Network, but the name is good for marketing purposes. Now when it comes to television channels, whether it be movie channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX or STARZ, the satellite tv service is all the same. The basic channels like ABC, CBS and NBC are no different either. It’s when you get into the specialty channels that each provider has packaged and cut deals with the producers and distributors is where they stand apart.

But I have to say, when it gets down to the nuts and bolts, you better have a good TV to play your HD Satellite TV!

Source by Ron Legarski

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