Satellite TV – How it Works

Satellite television is the fastest growing programming provider in the country. While it's becoming quite popular many people do not have a clear understanding of how it works or why they need it. Satellite television uses satellites that orbit the earth to send programming signals to customers. The satellite providers use their own satellites that are capable of providing multiple channels at a time. The signals are sent from the satellite provider station to the satellite in space. The satellite then can redirect the signals to earth. The satellites must be set up to allow for consistent signals to earth.

Satellite signals are scrambled signals that require special decoding in order to be viewed. The signals go through the air and are captured by a customer's satellite dish. Today's satellite dishes are small and compact compared to those of even several years ago. Contrary to popular belief the satellite dish does not need to be turned or adjusted once it is in place. This is due to more sophisticated signaling. It's best to have your satellite installed professionally. The satellite company often provides expert installation at a reduced rate and sometimes even for free.

Satellite requires a receiver unit. The satellite dish is hooked up to the receiver via a cable that is run into the home. The receiver is placed next to the television set. The installer will hook up the television as well as any other devices you may have such as a DVD or VCR player. More than one television can be hooked up to the satellite dish allowing different programs to be watched at the same time.

The receiver unit may also be a DVR, digital recording device. The DVR allows you to rewind and pause live television, view more than one program at once and most importantly lets you quickly and easily record programs. The DVR records programs with a simple touch of the remote. The programs are recorded on the hard drive of the unit, which can store many hours of shows. Simple commands let you record all episodes of your favorite shows for later viewing.

The receiver provides updated programming so that you can see what is scheduled on the stations that you receive. You can choose the program package that suits you the best. There are typically several options to pick from. Basic satellite programming gives you the least amount of channels. Family programming usually gives the best selections. Deluxe programming gives you access to almost all the stations available. You can also add on to the programming. For example local channels are not usually included in standard packages. You can add local channels for a small monthly fee.

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