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Take your home theatre with you when you are away

Do you end up missing important sporting events or your favourite satellite TV programs when you are away on business or on holiday or simply out at work? It's a common problem and until now we have had to rely on using Video Cassette Recorders (VCR) or Digital Video Recorders (DVR) or Tivo boxes to record what we are missing.

Having the ability to record things that we do not want to miss is very useful and I expect that you have been using it for years like I have to try and get the most out of my Satellite TV system. There are problems with this method of time-shift viewing however.

Problems with time-shift viewing

The first problem is programming the VCR or DVR. I seem to get it wrong about half the time. Either I select the wrong channel or the wrong time or the clock is incorrectly set or I forget to press the timer button. I'm sure that you are better at it than I am and advances in technology have tried to make it easier for us but there is still that insecure feeling that I might not record what I wanted to record.

Time-shift viewing is great for recording soaps and films to watch when you get home but it is not much good when you want to watch a live event like a football game. At least half the excitement is watching the game as it is played.

Do you get time to watch everything that you've recorded? If you are away on business or on holiday then you probably get loads of free time whether it's in your hotel room in the evenings or just soaking up the sun. When you get home you've got hours and hours of recorded satellite TV to watch and no time to watch it.

Place-shift viewing

What if instead of time-shifting your satellite TV you place-shifted it instead. What do I mean? Well what if you could take your home theatre or satellite TV with you wherever you went. It sounds too good to be true does not it. But that's exactly what people are starting to do.

You put a new box on top of your stack of AV equipment, connect it to your home theatre and your home network broadband connection and have all the things you want to watch beamed to your notebook PC, PDA or smartphone wherever you are.

How does place-shift viewing work?

Take the audio and video (AV) output from your home theatre and connect it to a piece of hardware that digitises it and beams it to the Internet. Wherever you are in the world, providing that you can make a broadband connection to the Internet, you can now watch the TV that is being streamed from your home system in real time. You really can now watch that NFL game online that you thought you were going to miss.

The system is not just one-way either. You are able to use the new equipment to control you're the devices in your home allowing you to change channel or rewind the DVR etc remotely. This means that you can watch what your DVR has recorded as well as watching live TV.

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