Satellite TV – Why TV is Good For You

Media theorist, Joshua Meyrowitz says that TV programming offers "less of a stranglehold pushing its viewers and more of a handhold, guiding its views to areas and subjects to which they were previously denied access."

The Demand for Complex Programming is on the Rise
Not only are the experts taking a stand for television programming, but modern TV viewers are not as wimpy as they were in the days of "Leave it to Beaver" and the trend in the younger generations is to seek out programming that is dynamic and challenging .

No longer is the television viewing audience willing to participate in the assumption that TV programming is all part of a steadily declining spiral toward the lowest common denominator. Even in programming that includes violence and politically incorrect values, viewers have to watch closely to catch the witty, behind-the-scenes inferences. The inherent nature of globally available programming to educate makes us demand more as our awareness increases.

o TV programming provides access to global information to a broad audience
o Educational programs for children cause them to have higher grades in school
o Educational programs encourage people to read more books and engage in more creative activities
o Programming with positive role models influences more productive and cooperative behavior
o Dynamic television programs enhance cognitive skills
o TV can inspire the imagination and present new possibilities

Schedule TV Time for Children
For Satellite tv subscribers that are afraid their kids are watching too much TV – it's not that difficult to set up a schedule that encourages them to watch programs that present them with the information and concepts that help them to broaden their horizons. The reward system can also be effective as set of parents discovered when they awarded hours of TV time to their child in exchange for doing chores around the house.

TV Improves Your Health
Watching programs that have earned a level of authority can influence views in a very positive way. One study showed that 65% more viewers of the NBC drama, ER were more likely to alter their eating habits after one episode in which a teenager is counseled to eat healthy foods to reduce hypertension. And of course, at every opportunity, Oprah will offer viewers tips for a healthy life and yes, they take her advice to heart.

Source by James McManus

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