Savings At K-mart? What $avings?

26″ x 1.75″- 2.125 Schwinn tube at K-Mart – $5.99 + tax. Q-Tube on – $4.64 + $1.75 shipping equals $6.39. My local bike shop? A whopping $5.00 even + tax.
$avings at a discount store? $avings on What savings? Stamp out discount stores & on-line shopping. Who’ll join me?……

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2 Responses to “Savings At K-mart? What $avings?”

  1. bikework says:

    I’ll get my shoot-stompin’ truckers boots on and join you… but my LBS sells tubes for just $4.00 nya nya nya. And when Perfomance Bike has their annual tube blowout (pun intended) for $1.99 each I buy 50 in various sizes which typically last me a year (remember, I see lotsa bikes in a year).

  2. Jib Jab says:

    The only place I despise more than K-Mart is Walmart. Target is no better.

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