ScrewFix discount codes help? Is there any one out there that can help?

Hi all im going to be placing an order on ScrewFix for a new Combi Boiler so it’s going to be a big order. I was wondering has anyone out there got any discount codes????

Ive Googled up for some codes but having no luck, it’s asking for "Voucher ID" and "Security Code" for vouchers when placing an order on ScrewFix.

Has anyone got any?????

Thanks for your time for reading my question and answering it.

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2 Responses to “ScrewFix discount codes help? Is there any one out there that can help?”

  1. stephen j says:

    discount codesand voucher ids are generally supplied direct by screwfix, I have had a few but have only received them whenI have had issues with there service they are usually given as a goodwill gesture, why not phone through your order and ask the customer sales ass for a discount, they will prob shout a line manager to get an answer, if you dont ask you dont get!



  2. Kellie Dobbie says:

    Screwfix has a forum where you can post questions and queries regarding their products and services and anything else. That would be a better venue to post this question.

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