Sealable bags for flight – marks and spencers?

I’m travelling to Amsterdam next month for a weekend. I’m just taking a weekend bag and was wondering if this see through bag was ok to take instead of those sealable bags you need for the airport. Haven’t gone abroad before so wouldn’t know.

Heres the link to what I bought……

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5 Responses to “Sealable bags for flight – marks and spencers?”

  1. neverwinter says:

    no, you wasted your money. Go buy some 20 x 20cm sandwich bags from Tesco, take one for the journey there and one for the journey back. All your liquids, gels and pastes go inside this bag, and if it doesn’t fit and you aren’t taking hold luggage, don’t take it. Buy bottles of 100ml or less; shampoo , conditioner, shower gel and a small toothpaste tube are all you need.

    hopefully M and S will give you a refund.

  2. Jan409 says:

    just use any see through plastic bag, you don’t have to buy special ones at all
    I just use a pre-used palstic bag like the ones you get clothing in, or even the ones you get fruit and veg in ,in supermarkets

  3. ALAN T says:

    They will probably reject those, you need a resealable bag of 1 litre maximum capacity like a food bag that is all, nothing fancy

  4. Nancy says:

    Maximum size for the transparent resealable bags is 20cm x 20cm. so you won’t be able to use the largest bag. Personally I use the resealable sandwich bags. If you get a jobsworth on the day, you may find they insist you put your liquids into one of the bags they provide rather than the bags you’ve bought. I have heard they charge £1 each for the bags but I wouldn’t know as I always provide my own.

  5. KEVIN T says:

    The largest size resealable bag you are allowed is 20cm x20cm and one per passenger.

    You can get resealable bags of the right size in the supermarkets for sandwiches and so forth.

    The following link takes you to the official UK Govt site which explains the rules very well.

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