Secret Santa Gift – Is This Okay To Give?

I am not sure who I’m giving too yet (male or female). If its a female is this gift idea okay? It’s a warmer – you put it in the microwave and it keeps you warm –…
For a male i was thinking about getting this – it’s a lens coffee mug -…

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5 Responses to “Secret Santa Gift – Is This Okay To Give?”

  1. Sylvia says:

    Those are nice gifts, but generally the idea of secret santa is to give funny or amusing presents. A girl at work bought socks for one of the chaps, there was a lot of gossip about her after that!
    Funny presents are much better. Especially on a low budget!

  2. Kingarel says:

    Do you work with teenagers?
    Liquor or gift cards is my go-to gift for these kinds of events.

  3. Hsquared says:

    I like the elephant but I’m not keen on the mug. Mugs are a good idea and there are loads of very good ones out there, I just don’t like the gimmicky ones

  4. Sebastia says:

    I’ll have to go with
    1. Gift Cards
    2. Something Funny (novelty gift)
    I’d stay away from liquor and food… it’s all too subjective.

  5. awommack says:


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