Section 8 And Persons With Criminal Background?

can someone on parole be allowed to reside within the section 8 housing choice voucher program?

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4 Responses to “Section 8 And Persons With Criminal Background?”

  1. L. C. Martin says:

    It depends on the state where you live.

  2. Landlord says:

    It does NOT matter what state. Section 8 is federally funded. Anyone convicted of a felony is not eligible for public housing assistance.

  3. acermill says:

    No. Sec. 8 expressly forbids any use of such housing by a convicted felon. A Sec. 8 tenant is not even allowed to have such felon VISIT in the premises.

  4. Yeti says:

    It can vary with the local program. I don’t believe any criminal background whatsoever is automatically denied, but it does significantly harm your chances. And if violence was involved, it’s almost guaranteed ineligibility.

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