Section 8 Audited In Question.?

How many times can someone on section 8 be audited? and if so can they still audit you if your still on the program? or gave up voucher.

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4 Responses to “Section 8 Audited In Question.?”

  1. acermill says:

    There is no limit on the number of times you can be audited. Generally, multiple audits come from concerns within the agency that you are not properly qualified. Yes, they can still audit after you surrender your voucher. If they find overpayments and/or fraud after the fact, you will be required to repay any such overages.

  2. Jin Hayashi says:

    They can audit you for as many times they want. If you are off the program they will hardly waste their time and resources to audit you again. Section 8 hardly has the manpower to audit everyone correctly. The system is joke good landlords get screwed over by some bad Section 8 tenants who tear the home up while the Section 8 Tenant gets scotch free aside from security deposit lost which usually never ends up covering the damages.

  3. Pascal the Gambler says:

    You can be audited as many times as they see fit.

  4. Flower says:

    As often as the Housing Authority wants to. They randomly check for hidden assets and unreported income so if y ou are hiding anything and falsify your paperwork and they find out, you not only lose the voucher but you will be evicted and banned from government benefits. I dont understand what you are asking about giving up the voucher. If you already turned in the voucher and they discover fraud on your part, they can sue you for repayment of the subsidy you got or they can prosecute you for criminal fraud.

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