Section 8 Question? Please Help?

My mom has had section 8 for 10 years. She’s on a fixed income and is disabled.She was given 2 vouchers by Section 8. One landlord refused to turn in the paperwork and scammed her out of $150. The other landlord on the day of the inspection upped the First month’s rent and decided not any utilities. The original rental ad online said it was $425 and that he would pay all utilities. My mom really has put in a effort to find a place. The place we are in now has bedbugs and mice, which is why we were trying to move.I want to know what are the chances that my mom is cut off of section 8? She didnt mean to screw up the vouchers, It kinda happened by accident. I’m so worried about her. She’s diabetic and cant even go in the kitchen cause she’s afraid of the mice. We’ve been borrowing money from folks just to eat out. I Know it’s not healthy, But the landlord here refuses to fix it. The landlord here treats the tenants like crap and wont fix anything. Please tell me what is going to happen?

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  1. M W says:

    If you find a new place, you will just be taking the bedbugs with you. Section 8 is welfare and as long as most of the rent is paid for by the government, you don’t have many choices. Go out and buy some mouse traps, they aren’t very expensive.
    You can treat your belongings for bedbugs yourself. So, take some initiative to provide a safer place for yourselves to live. You are finding out that not all of your needs are taken care of by others, sometimes you have to do it yourself.
    Some section 8 landlords only care about that check they get from the government every month, they have no obligation to care about you.

  2. KashhBos says:

    As far as the bed bugs , they will be carried with you when you move . You’d need to make sure every think is washed & heated to a certain degree before you move . & call a health inspector & get it checked out . Take pictures . I’d take him to court , but there will be a fee .

  3. Flower says:

    You have to get rid of the bedbugs, that is not a landlord problem. Clean everything in the apartment, shampoo the rugs, and buy new sheets and get a new mattress for the bed. Clean the upholstery. It is cheaper to hire someone to do that than eat out all the time.
    I dont know what you mean by having 2 vouchers. Call her case worker and report the landlord who took $150 from her. There is a limit on credit check fees. The landlord must be participating in the Section 8 program in order to use her voucher, so report the problem to case worker and find another place from their list of approved apartments.
    Your mother could move in with you and with 2 people you can get a bigger place.

  4. real estate guy says:

    You need to report them to the section 8 office. If they are getting section 8 funds, they need to follow rules.

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