Section 8 Question Please Read Nd Answer?

My finance lived in el cajon in an apt that was for closed due to his landlord not paying his mortgage and at that time he had section 8 he received a voucher to move well he found an affordable apt in the city heights area and his worker left a voice mail that said that the area wasn’t covered by the section 8 office in kearny mesa he already turned in the packet to the landlord to fill out and his worker already received it what will happen now the landlord let him move in since he payed the security deposit but now we are stressed out I’m worried for him will his file be transferred to a section 8 office that does cover the area we are in the San Diego area

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3 Responses to “Section 8 Question Please Read Nd Answer?”

  1. reenzz says:

    Was that even a sentence?

  2. Landlord says:

    Well, he needs to come up with some other way to pay rent. Section 8 is not going to pay there (I am guessing he went out of the county). They will not transfer the voucher. It takes months, and San Diego has to agree, and they tend not to agree unless there is a really good reason (such as a terminally ill parent living there already). But even good reason takes months, and in the mean time rent has to be paid or he is going to be evicted.
    Your finance has another thing coming if he thinks he can force the housing authority to abandon protocol in order to cater to him. It ain’t happening.

  3. acermill says:

    Your fiance made a silly error. BEFORE he rented the place, he should have verified that his Sec. 8 agency would pay rents in that area. No, his file won’t be transferred. Your fiance has to apply to “port” his voucher, and that doesn’t happen overnight. He will need to pay rent in his new place on his own until (and IF) his Sec. 8 voucher is transferred (ported) to the new area. Your fiance needs to start working with his caseworker IMMEDIATELY.

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