Section 8 Voucher Transfer Over To Me? Now What Do I Do?

So, my mother’s section 8 voucher transferred over to me because she is working now (sorry to anyone who been waiting on the list for five years for this voucher, but I need it, trust me). I’m a 19-years-old male: no I don’t have a child and no I’m not homeless (obviously), I’ve been given the voucher because on my mother’s lease. The lease for the apartment doesn’t end until a few months from now and section 8 will give me a 90 day period to find a place after my lease expires. I been saving 1500 dollars for last few of months and should be able to secure another 3000 before moving until a place. To put down a deposit and first month rent for an apartment. And food for the month, buy a leather sofa, a bedroom set, tv stand, flatseeen tv, laptop and a game console. What I want to ask is… What places will accept section 8 and pays for all uilities? What place can I get with a one bedroom voucher? How much section 8 pays for rent? I’m so excite! No negative responses, please!

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4 Responses to “Section 8 Voucher Transfer Over To Me? Now What Do I Do?”

  1. acermill says:

    I suspect you are misinformed. The voucher transferred to you simply to fulfill your mother’s lease term as required. You’re not going to get this vouched ‘transferred’ to you on any permanent basis.

  2. Claudia says:

    if you’ve save up all that money you must be working and if you aren’t working you should be since you are a young healthy 19 yr old. if you’ve the means to buy all that fancy stuff you can pay your own way and don’t need section 8

  3. Cathi K says:

    Does not sound right. Able bodied young men with no kids do not qualify nor should they. It seems like it may only go to the end of the lease.

  4. Flower says:

    Your mother’s voucher does not disappear because she is working. Her rent may go up but she keeps the voucher in her name. It cannot transfer to you. Even if mother moved out, her voucher does not transfer to you. If your mother has moved without a voucher, you may be allowed to stay until the lease expires if your name is on the lease.
    No single person gets a voucher before seniors and disabled and families who are on the waiting list. Section 8 does not pay for any utilities. They give a small discount on your rent for utilities. You pay 1/3 of your income as rent wherever you go and the rent amount must be below a certain price. Ask the case worker.

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