Sell Books/CDs in Denmark like on

Is there is web site in Denmark for selling used books and cds, like you would on or Please if you have suggestions I would like to here them…

Thanks in advance

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One Response to “Sell Books/CDs in Denmark like on”

  1. DanishGuy says:

    If you only want sites in Danish, you can sell used books via and, to name some of the largest sites. You can sell used study books via, (DTU-related books) and, to name a few.

    I don’t know a good place to sell cd’s, at least not a Danish site. I propose that you look into the procedure of selling via, as a "playtrader", if you want to sell a lot of popular or just rare cd’s. Otherwise, I suggest you just use the generic buy-and-sell option at (Den BlĂ„ Avis) and (Gul og Gratis), websites that both have paper equivalents (ads in these require an extra fee, though) so you can reach the offline cd (and book) fans as well.

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