Sell Car Before Year Of Insurance Concerning Ncd Please Advise.?

Hi, I really want to sell my car as soon as I can on the summer as the market is stronger,(summer etc i have a classic car). However it’s essential I get my no claims discount for the year. If I sell before my year is up is there a time frame where I can just leave the insurance and get the NCD, or can I sell early and just not tell the insurers. Thanks

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  1. kellie says:

    The thing about NCD is if you sell your car and don’t get another one to insure then your NCD won’t be worth the paper it is written on. In other words after a year of no insurance in your name you lose all entitlement and have to start again from scratch even if you’ve got 20 yrs experience

  2. Timbo is here says:

    Other answer is incorrect – nearly all insurers will accept a NCD with a gap in insurance of up to 2 years.
    Might be worth asking your insurer if you can suspend the policy until you replace the car as technically without a car, even for a day, the policy should be cancelled
    Talking to the insurer about the options they can give is the best bet.

  3. Jonathan says:

    You will need to cancel the insurance policy if you are no longer the owner of the car. (legal)
    If you replace the car on the insurance policy to keep it going till renewal, that will keep you earning the NCB. They may be able to suspend the policy for you, but this would only be in certain conditions. If you dont have any NCB of your own its worht asking the insurer if they can give you a named driver NCB (if you have been a named driver on somone elses policy for X years).
    Also check if you do get NCb from your current policy…… Some classic insurers dont give NCB as all at the premium is low anyway.
    Other than that there is nothing really you can do.

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