Selling items on . . .?

I am new to ebay and have just sold a number of item on it but am still waiting for payment. Is the buying just being slow at paying me, or should I have contacted them with my details? I have a play pal account so I thought that the money just went straight into there without any further communication? thanks

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  1. spring_rainbows says:

    As long as you gave the buyers the correct paypal details you don’t need any further communication, some buyers are slow to pay and not all pay as soon as the auction ends. after 24 hours if you haven’t received payment, send them an invoice. If they still haven’t paid within 3 days send them a friendly ebay message reminding them that they still haven’t paid for there item and you won’t post until payment is confirmed. remember though if you don’t specify a time frame ebay allow 10 days for buyers to pay for there purchases before you can contact ebay about non payment. It is always wise if you sell anything else that you specify a time frame in which buyers have to pay for there items. 24 hours, 3 days etc. This allows you to have more control over payment and deter slow payers away from your auctions.

  2. manda the minx says:

    hi ..well done on ebay and selling..
    I sell buy quite a lot and they should have paid same day..i would go to your "my ebay" click on selling you will see list of what you sold click on right hand side drop down list send invoice and also send them a message..say something like " hello thanks for buying my item i will post it upon payment" that should push them along…

    yes norm,ally you do not have to do anything when your item is sold they click pay for item now do not worry they will prob paylater…
    are you sure they have not paid..go in to "my ebay" look at items sold it should show pay or not paid sign…good luck x enjoy ebay it is good when you dont have fools taking ages to pay you..

  3. Burnt Snowflake says:

    A quick answer to your question is that it does not transfer automatically – it requires user input

  4. LOTR-FAN says:

    As long as you have the correct email address on your listings (the same emaill address in Paypal) then you can do nothing else than wait for your buyer/s to pay.
    You can state on your listings ‘please pay within 2,3,4 days’ or whatever; but you cannot change the fact that you cannot issue a NPB (Non Paying Bidder) for 7 days after the sale.
    Send another invoice on 3-4 days after sale- issue an unpaid item on day 7-follow it through with a Buyer strike after that.
    You will then get your Final Value Fee back and can relist
    Buyer will be restricted from Buying from ALL Sellers with too many .

    IF they didn’t reply to the NPB dispute Any neg will be removed if you ask eBay

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