Selling My Phone New Phone?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 3 months ago, but I am regretting that for several reasons. I am wondering if I could sell the S3 and buy an iPhone 5 instead. I am asking because I’m not sure if that is legal due to the contract, and I remember the person at the store saying something about how I had to pay full price and then I would be able to get a rebate later because people were taking advantage of the discounted prices by buying the phone and then selling it for a huge profit. Can I sell my phone?

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2 Responses to “Selling My Phone New Phone?”

  1. Jaydee says:

    yes because its ur phone

  2. Angel says:

    you can sell your phone.. it wont harm the contract… but the new phone will have to be bought NEW or USED at FULL PRICE…… so you want an Iphone 5????— Thats $599 New and Carrier Locked no contract pricing…. you aint getting no $199 deal until you are upgrade eligble (20 months into contract, so 17mo left or you)
    see for Ideas on what to do to your phone to make its value increase…… the cell phone rule pf thumb… the more accessories, hacking, rooting, ROMing, MODing you do or add ot the phone, the more valuable it becomes

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