Selling Pornographic Photos Of An Ex On The Internet?

After our break up my ex-boyfriend put pornographic photos of my friend and I, as well as some videos of me for sale on the internet. When I asked him to take them down he said he wanted $300 and he would take them down. He also made threats that “things were almost out of his hands, people with a lot of time on their hands who like to fu#K peoples sh#* up”. He has video of me and has threatened to send it to my ex husband. at this point I cant afford to pay him the money, I cant just move, and I’m scared of what he’s planning or having other people do (because his hands are “clean”). what can I do?

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One Response to “Selling Pornographic Photos Of An Ex On The Internet?”

  1. Allan says:

    This IS Nothing short than a Pure case of Blackmail.
    Unfortunately, once posted on the internet, they will always remain once shared.
    It takes a court order for a website to purge their server of the material(s) in
    question, and what IF – what ever that was posted gets shared to others.
    Take this to the police immediately, but make darn sure you have proof that this
    was actually done to you, or if it were only idle threats. What this Ex did was so

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