Selling stuff on Ebay – How to deliver – take stuff to post office Or is there a company that picks up at home?

Just joined Ebay want to sell loads of stuff but do not know about delivery, costs etc.

Have you sold on Ebay? How did you get on?

Also, is a good place to sell?

Question about delivery is most important part of question.

Thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to “Selling stuff on Ebay – How to deliver – take stuff to post office Or is there a company that picks up at home?”

  1. Peter says:

    Sold lots on ebay.
    Before you list your item check the postal price of the packed item, either weigh it your self and use this site if you are in the UK
    Or take it to the post office for pricing, I usually only give UK postage and ask any one over seas to contact for quote.
    You can often get scrap cardboard boxes from local shops for packaging, shop around for bubble wrap as prices can vary a lot.

    Good packaging is important, you don’t want things to get broken but it can happen.

    It is worth printing an extra copy or the ebay receipt, staple the postal receipt to that and file it so that you have the information you need if anything gets lost or damaged in the post.

    If you are using a tracked service then email the buyer with the tracking number.

    You should not over charge for packaging but no one should object to reasonable small addition for packaging. Be up front with all charges if you are sending some thing large and fragile tell people that you are charging more for extra packaging to protect the item. It may be worth offering free collection as well.

  2. G€Ô√ÅNNÿ suspended says:

    Check with your local mail carrier, and see the charges on particular items. and when you sell them you take them to the post office.

  3. sheetwowsheet says:

    You pack and post the items you sell. You have to weigh your items for sale and find out the postage cost which you then put in your advert on eBay. Do not sell on Amazon, that is for very large companies that can afford the huge rates they charge.

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