Senior discount card for traveling as a tourist in France?

I understand there is a discount card available to people over 65 who are tourists in France offering discounts on travel, museums and even cinemas. How to apply and obtain one?

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  1. Millie says:

    No, there is no such card as the one you are describing. French seniors do get discounts on the métro system through the Carte Emeraude and Carte Améthyste but they are only for residents, not for tourists.

    On trains, the national railway company, SNCF, offers a "Carte Senior" for people over 60 but it is a yearly pass costing 55 €, which will get you discounts of 25 to 50 %, as well as lower discounts on AVIS car rentals and Accor hotels. So it’s not worth it if you don’t spend much time in France and only take the train occasionally.

    Some places may offer a discount for people over 60 or 65, in which case you just need to present a form of ID to prove your age, but there is no such card that is recognized by all the places you mention. Most museum discounted fares apply to young people, not seniors.

    Don’t worry though, entrance fees, travel and accomodation in France are not that expensive. Certainly far less than in the US or UK.

  2. ROY THE THICKO says:

    i believe you can get one by contacting SNCF the french railways try their web site.i know that the cards exist and if you are over 65 you certainly get discount rates for any rail journey roy the thicko

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