Seniors Who Voted For Romney, What Made You Vote Against Your Interests?

FACT: Republicans have never liked SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. Everything they’ve said shows this fact, like saying people are “Takers.” They would simply abolish them if they could. But since they couldn’t Ryan came up with the voucher deal, which would ensure that Medicare would be gone within 10 years. However, President Obama and Dems clearly do not want these programs ended. And they’re fighting Republican ideas to privatize SS, to voucher-ize Medicare, and to slash Medicaid. If you are not rich and need these programs, why did you vote for Romney? Just curious.

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17 Responses to “Seniors Who Voted For Romney, What Made You Vote Against Your Interests?”

  1. magick says:

    He was in the ” R ” column .

  2. Suzee says:

    Most seniors who voted for Romney are party voters. They would have voted for any GOP nominee.

  3. JohnnyK says:

    No we didn’t, SS and Medicare money is handed out to illegals like it was candy.

  4. AverageJ says:

    You have a very limited understanding of what is in a person’s ‘best interests”

  5. Jesus died for you says:

    I see you are using the old fear mongering Dem trick of Social Security and Medicare being hated by the sad your idiocy is exceeded only by your stupidity which is exceeded by your is the case of all libs and Obama supporters.

  6. Scott C says:

    LEFTISTS who voted for Obama, what made you vote against America’s interest?

  7. Wasted says:

    Older people are generally smarter

  8. STEEL says:

    Isn’t it funny when liberals use the word “FACT” to describe their opinions while using yet another broad brush from their paint set to lump everybody into the same category!

  9. meg says:

    They Ryan plan only got rid of Medicare for you, we are over 55, and Obama wanted to pay for your health care too using up tax dollars want spent on us.

  10. Chemist. Warrior. Trumpeter. Bud says:

    a friend at work in his 50s was leaning Romney until Romney said he would “tweak” SS for those under whatever age I think 55
    My friend said, “screw him” and switched support to BHO
    I hope this was of use

  11. No Chance Without Cats says:

    Fear of black people trumps receiving benefits.

  12. Ritch says:

    Laughing here.
    “If you are not rich and need these programs”
    Two things come to mind. Thank you for admitting that many elderly are indeed takers. That is what you’re saying. “Why are you not taking?” Secondly, you and the left are like the guy holding a bucket of water than more and more are drinking from with no thought of filling it back up. Soon, that bucket will be empty and those ‘poor who need’ it will die of thirst and you’ll be blaming the right for letting the bucket run dry…as usual. We tried to fill it, but you ‘progressives’ were too afraid of change and so now that bucket is dry. Well done.

  13. Oldwhite says:

    Ed, I am presuming you are a fellow senior. Certainly you must realize that the Democratic position is to leave SS and Medicare untouched. And certainly you must realize that if the programs are untouched, they will go bankrupt. That is simple mathematics and you can’t argue against simple mathematics.
    So, the question for you and all fellow Liberals is – do you want to do nothing and end up with 70% to 75% of your benefits in about ten years, or do you want to be proactive, create a balanced approach to a mathematical problem and end up with perhaps 90% of your benefits?

  14. John M says:

    I didn’t vote against my interests, and your “facts” are nothing more than liberal BS.

  15. Lizbeth says:

    I don’t think seniors who voted for Romney were thinking about the prediction of social security going bankrupt in 30 years; and I don’t think they were worried about their children or grandchildren in that regard either. I do think that as others have said, they voted for Romney only because he was the Republican candidate; and they thought they were being honorably loyal by sticking with their party. It’s a shame. I’ve talked to seniors who didn’t vote for Romney, and they were perplexed and disgusted by others in their age group who did. I remember one senior woman who was politically astute lamenting to me that these people voting for Romney are shooting themselves in the foot, and they don’t even realize it.

  16. JRHRLH says:

    I see, but only one word comes to mind:LIAR

  17. TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS!!!! says:

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