Serious Help Needed Concerning My Job. Please Read?

Ok so I have been working for this sun-glass and watch boutique for about 6 months now. BTW It has been the worst job I have had thus far. The money is good cant complain. But I am having serious issues with the general manager. Let me give you guys details…For starters the boss and the general manager are beyond rude. Examples of past day a lady walked in the store a lady interested in purchasing this michael kors watch, I showed her the watch and explained to her the watch in detail(It has a chronograph, baguette crystals, ceramic band, etc.). The price tag is on the watch but the lady insists on using her phone to go online and check the manufactures retail price. I explained to her that my general manager on duty does not like customers verifying prices on their phones on any of or merchandise. But she insisted to do so…In a situation like this my manager always tells me to walk up to him and briefly explain whats going on with the customer . So as advised I walk up to him and explain the situation. He gets mad starts yelling at me. He tells me “ah you dont know how to sell sh*it Bla bla”. As he is walking to the back to gets the michael kors catalog with the prices. Walks back and tells the poor lady ” this is the price of the watch madam”…as he is looking for the watch and flipping pages. In a loud and rude manner. By the time he found the watch in the catalog this sweet old lady grabs his chin in a gentle manner and tells him calm down your overreacting..and then the lady tells him but you know what im sorry honey but you dint talk to me like that then walks away. He grabs her hand telling her “wait ,wait then she brushes his hand of hers and walks out. Then all hell breaks loose. Listen You mother f***er You go home in front of all the customers. I furiously grab my stuff and left. Then a couple of days pass and the boss calls me with my new schedule for the following week. So i never got fired. Now this pass sunday hell broke loose.. For starters a very tall butch dike walks in the store to buy shoes. She is interested in a pair of shoes that are on sale. She goes to the cashier register following the general manager to pay. When he rings her up she tells him “na,na that’s not the price its 29.99) He walks to the sale section and tells her “the shoe has been misplaced it belongs on this 39.99 rack”shes mad they exchange some words then he tells her like this lol “get the fuc*k out my store”.that right there put him in a bad attitude. So a hour passes by and a gentleman wants to buy to shoes they ar;_ylt=AqJRx7YySbrI7igdoqLT54MAAAAA;_ylv=3?qid=20060616211402AAyScLAe 79.00 each. Asks for discount The manager hears the whole conversation and tells me give it to him for 158.00. So I go ahead and do so. Customer payed me i put the money in cashier. Attend the next customer who was in the stroe earlier. She tells me you know Im going to take them. So I take her to the window with the glasses she wants to bag it up and close the sale. Out of no where the general manager pops out “mike what is this wtf come to the back immediately” very loud and very disrespectful in front of the customer. Shes shocked about the whole situation and tells me “you know its ok Ill buy it somewhere else or come back later on tonight” then the manager comes out the back room and tells her ” hey baby whats wrong you dont want to get it'” they ignore him and walk away out the store.he brings me to the back and screams at me telling me” there should of been 158.00. theres a dollar missing”. So i tell him hey “I put all the money on top of the cashier a 1 hundred dollar bill, a 50 dollar bill, a five and 3 ones. Totaling 158.00”. Then he tells me im tired of you giving me feedbacks.(The only “feed back” i gave him was this pertaining to how I added the bills to total 158.00) he screams at me I make the rules (power tripping on his manager position in the store.) give me one more feed back and your gone for the rest of the night. So I told him you know what im leaving grabbed my bags and left. This is like a never ending saga. My buddy who was black that worked with me the boss used to tell him all types of racial slurs..Like “you are doing monkey work”” all the time in front of me. When black people come in to the store he’ll tell me “keep on eye on these monkeys” or ” go see what that monkey wants”. During lunch I cant even sit down like a american, we eat as if we are in a third world country. We dont even get breaks. Here in Florida by law if you work 8 hours you are entitled to 2 15 min. breaks and a half hour lunch. By law. Oh to top it off he pays me under the table. And if I quit I feel like he wont pay me the days he owes me for. please help

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2 Responses to “Serious Help Needed Concerning My Job. Please Read?”

  1. Frank says:

    Yeah, that sucks. I had a manager like that. It’s best to try to find a long term, real career that interests you, and then these small minor jobs won’t matter so much. Even if you have to start at the bottom, just knowing that you are building up your resume towards a long term career is a good feeling.

  2. Stan says:

    Just give them a weeks notice. They’ll probably tell you to immediately. Do not sign any papers

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