Setting Up A Data Entry Infrastructure For My Business?

Hi All
I operate multiple petrol sites, and keeping a tight track on paperwork is paramount, therefore I need a more efficient system to compile all the data from multiple sites into one central location
this is what i do now:
i have a google spreadsheet set up where in people input their data in a simple excel file and make changes to it whenever they feel like it. this is nowhere near good enough as the system is vanurable to manipulation. i simply cannot expand my business with this sort of data collection.
what i wish to happen :
-have a program set up such as a excel file that let each of my staff log in and input there data a such as Eftpos amount, fuel totals, credits total etc etc
– my sites are spread apart so i need to get the data from each shift sent to a central data base which i can access from anywhere.
-I need this program to a single form which once the staff log into, they input there data and “submit” it and which then i receive in a central data base ready for review
– i need to be able to customise the input feilds such as fuel sales, and meter reading for each pump etc
i was thinking Excel is the way to go but i need it to update my central database remotely once one of my staff clink submit
can someone help ?? i can provide additional information on request.
NOTE: i don’t have a great deal of experience with EXCEL. Just an “average Joe”

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One Response to “Setting Up A Data Entry Infrastructure For My Business?”

  1. bliq00 says:

    ideally, you should hire someone to write a web based solution for you- it wouldn’t be too hard or time consuming. then you could have stuff like secure transmission, realtime updating of database, platform independence, stuff like that.

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