Seven of the Strangest Travel Insurance Claims

You understand that travel insurance will cover you if something unfortunate happens while you are overseas – if you have a heart attack, if your hotel burns down with your suitcases in it, or if your rental car is stolen, insurance will probably take care of it. Travel insurance will cover your return trip if your hotel ends up being infested by fleas, and will cover you for goats eating your identity documents. However, some odd travel insurance claims must be rejected. We were going to list the top 4, but found there were just too many hilarious travel – insurance claims to stop there.

1. Monkey madness

A couple staying in Malaysia left the window of their chalet open when they went out, and returned to find that monkeys had entered and stolen many of their clothes and personal belongings… only to leave them lying around the adjacent jungle. The claim was paid.

2. Sick of the sea

An elderly gentleman on a cruise ship suffered from some terrible seasickness. He was vomiting over the side, minding his own business when his false teeth came out of his mouth and splashed into a watery grave. He claimed the cost of replacement teeth on his travel insurance, and the claim was paid.

3. Toupee, or not toupee?

A man chatting to his friends on the beach lost several hundred pounds worth of something in a gust of wind… his custom made toupee. These can be pricey – it was at least worth the cost of the £50 excess on his policy.

4. Travellers are coco-nuts

A travel insurance company in the UK known as Direct Line received a claim for two coconuts lost during travel, costing 69p each from ordinary UK supermarkets. If the claim hadn’t been rejected, the couple would have paid the first £50 of any claims on their insurance.

5. This guitar is a lemon

Direct Line has its fair share of odd travel insurance claims, once receiving a claim for a guitar made out of a pumpkin. The claim was rejected, perhaps on the basis of confusing information.

6. A goat’s idea of Black Forest cake

A family staying the Black Forest in Germany in a chalet left the door open, and came home to find that wild goats living in the forest had come in and eaten their wallets and passports. This claim was rejected, despite being quite similar to the one in Malaysia which was approved.

7. Is it a bird?

A family camping in a remote area of Wales had some fair costs incurred on them by a stray parachutist that landed on their tent, destroying their camping equipment. The family did not have accidental damage cover as part of their travel insurance, so footed the bill.

Source by Josh I Harrison

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