Sex Coupon Ideas? **contains Adult Material**?

Me and my fiance have decided we aren’t spending alot this christmas and I have decided that i want to make him ‘sex coupons’ to go in with his presents. I’m making them like the Willy Wonka style golden tickets and have a little title and a description underneath as to what the coupons for.
This is what i have so far:
Breakfast in Bed
-Hungover? Tired? Lazy? Hungry? I will personally make you breakfast in bed and serve it to you on the morning of your choice.
Whatever you like?
-Redeem this coupon for Sex served your way. Bondage? Sure. Anal? Lets not take the piss! But your wish is my command.
Get out of jail free card
-Ok you’ve ****** up, and i’m mad. Present this coupon for me to shut up and it will not be mentioned again. Voucher is not valid If cheating is involved.
Lend you a hand
-Voucher grants you One hand-job whenever you like. Simple.
Blinding seduction
-Voucher qualifies you for one session of sex, you make the decision to let me take control, while your blindfolded.
boob job
-Redeem this coupon for a date with my ****.
Take It Outside
-Horny on a night out? Present this coupon to get frisky in a risky place.
Something new.
-You fancy a trying something new? Redeem and i have to give it a go no matter how dirty.
Coupon grants one ******** while you watch the porn movie of your choice.
Fifty shades of slave.
Present coupon and I will be your personal sex slave for one hour, includes spanking.
Fancy a Quickie? Present coupon when you want to skip the foreplay and just get to it.
And I need more but cant think. Anything goes really and would love your input! Best answer goes to the funniest or dirtiest! Can’t wait to see what answers i get, hope to get some good ones!

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One Response to “Sex Coupon Ideas? **contains Adult Material**?”

  1. Leroy says:

    wow this is stupid.. sorry for hurting your feelings

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