Sexless Marriage – Getting Boring?

For the past 5 years of our Marriage, i already have noticed the feeling is slowly eating ourselves. It’s like submerging without even knowing. This has been our number one problem. We’re so busy but we can really have time in the weekends. Maybe we’re just already bored with it. Or maybe he has someone else? I don’t know. Please help me out.

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8 Responses to “Sexless Marriage – Getting Boring?”

  1. Adam says:

    You know what, this happened to us, 7 years of Marriage, that’s the time we notice we’re already not doing it like before. We even had a counselling for the matter. We don’t want to ruin our Marriage and i love her so much, just the sex has change.
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  2. MARIAN says:

    The only way i knw how to approach this is spiritually. Proverbs 15:22 tells us that “there is a frustration of plans where they’re is no confidential talk”. Therefore u might need to make a “date” to simply talk about this. Even if it’s just a matter of washing up a few minutes early to talk. Did u know also that marriage mates are obligated spiritually to render dues to each other. 1 Corinthians 7:2-5 tells mates not to be “depriving each other of it”. With “confidential talk”, maybe u guys can over these verses together and come to a reasonable solution. Also check out and scroll down to “Couples” for more suggestions.

  3. hunneybu says:

    Theres always time if the attracton is there.
    It doesnt have to be confined to the bedroom you know. It can be anywhere. If you are on your way to the super market one day, why not suggest you pull into a lane and have a quickie on the back seat of the car. Or if he is out in the yard putting out the washing, why not pull him to the shed and demand he takes you right there on the lawn mower! Be inventive and open your mind.

  4. Jamie says:

    I think it is just harder nowadays we all seem to be busier than before. I deal with the same thing in my marriage. Reason being is my husband and I both work different shifts. Then when there is actually free time we seem to be too tired. I do feel bad for not always giving in when he is ready. But, sometimes it is just so difficult. I would say we are lucky for 1-2 times a week.

  5. Steven says:

    Nothing works better than a vacation and escaping to a natural destination for a week. Well, you need to have your mobile phones but don’t take laptops, players and other personal things with you.

  6. devonian Rodders says:

    Try going back to the drawing board and doing things you did when you first met, or married.
    Perhaps the burning desire is a bit damp !

  7. lesliejo says:

    Make a catholic charismatic retreat for couples

  8. HangingC says:

    Add some fantasy to it. Stop doing it the same ole way. Try new toys.

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