Should Gun Companies Restrict Sales To Government Agencies That Want To Restrict Our 2nd Amendment Rights?…
Firearms Companies Restricting Sales to Government Agencies in Areas That Restrict Gun Rights

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15 Responses to “Should Gun Companies Restrict Sales To Government Agencies That Want To Restrict Our 2nd Amendment Rights?”

  1. ? says:

    Sure. If they are trying to restrict them, why try to sell to them?

  2. Liberal Pothead says:

    No, all guns should belong to the government. Government agencies like the TSA will protect us from violence and keep us safe.

  3. Shovel Ready says:

    Any company that tries to stand up to the government finds itself in a sh!tload of trouble. Technically, a CEO violates his fiduciary responsibility to shareholders by asking for this trouble. We really cannot look to corporations for help. The government holds all the cards.

  4. Right On says:

    Sure, why not?

  5. Rocky says:

    They have a right to NOT sell to anyone they chose for whatever reason.

  6. Deimos says:

    That’s a bit of a silly but noble idea. You aren’t going to get all the gun companies on board and the ones that have little honor will just make all the money while the ones doing the right thing will get poorer.
    You might want to try…

  7. MobFathe says:

    YES , I think it’s great that companies are risking losing sales in favor of giving democrats a taste of their own medicine.
    So far.. 34 companies are signed on with more to come.

  8. another new account says:

    no sales at all.

  9. Pragmatism Please says:

    Guess those cities will have to go to gun shows.

  10. jsbobo36 says:

    Its a good start if the big name company’s that hold most of contracts do the same the government will panic

  11. Community Disorganizer says:

    The monarch obama needn’t not ban guns, they are as useful as cat toys without any ammo, and the gubbermint has, I believe, 7 HOLLOW POINT bullets for every person in the US! Hollow Points are only allowed to be used within our borders.
    Me thinks the gubbermint is stocking up before the dollar collapses and massive civil unrest begins.
    Every single gun company should flagrantly refuse sales to government agencies UNTIL all orders to civilians are completed!

  12. Peace through blinding force says:

    Absolutely – and some do.
    According to the WRITTEN DEFINITION of Americanism, no government LEGITIMATELY has ANY power whatsoever not delegated to it by its citizens.
    I cannot DELEGATE to anyone ANY power I MYSELF do not have and thus if we accept that it is unlawful – for instance – for New Yorkers to buy new standard-capacity magazines, then NO CONCEIVABLE lawful means CAN EXIST by which the State of New York might lawfully do so.

  13. Joe BTGSPLK says:

    Usually when a government agency wants to buy items they will issue a request for bids to vendors. Is there any law thar requires a vendor to bid?

  14. Jay says:

    Yes, absolutely and without question YES!
    I think this one thing, more than any others gives me hope that this country is still worth saving.
    If these agencies want to restrict guns going to responsible gun owners, then they don’t need them either.
    Think about this from a moral standpoint.
    Lets use a cop as an example.
    In spite of the fact that he wears a badge, he is still a regular man. He puts his pants on the same as you or I.
    Some will argue that a cop needs his gun to do his job and protect the public. To keep some bad guy from hurting me. Sure, no problem.
    Thing is, the cop is not going to be able to protect me all day every day. Only I can do that, it is afterall my responsibility.
    So should I have to tell some intruder coming in to my home to rob me and rape my wife and kids to wait for 15 minutes until the cops get to my home to protect me?
    No more than a cop should have to wait on me to follow him around on his job.
    The point, that I’m trying but failing miserably at making here is:
    What is fair for one person has to be fair for all.
    Either anybody (within reason of course) can own a gun, or no one can.
    And if these agencies don’t want me to have a gun, then I don’t want them to have one.
    I support these companies in full. Companies who take this stand against anti gun legislation will be receiving my business and I urge others to do the same.

  15. Never Again says:

    Yes, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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