Should I Accept This Gift Voucher From Someone I Don’t Know?

Ive been talking to him for a while but I originally made an account as someone else for safety reasons and I started talking to this boy and he sent me a £20 amazon voucher as a present via email and I don’t feel I should use it because I feel guilty as im not who he thinks I am. What do you think I should do?

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4 Responses to “Should I Accept This Gift Voucher From Someone I Don’t Know?”

  1. BlahBlah says:

    Would you accept £20 from someone the street? It’s free money! Take it and spend it!

  2. Anastus says:

    1. Use the Voucher
    A. Feel like a douche if you happen to have a conscience
    B. Don’t feel like douche and continue being a generally worthless person.
    2. Don’t use the Voucher
    A. Confess your sins to this person, who knows, they might like you for you.
    B. Don’t confess your sins and continue platonically only online and spiral further into lies.

  3. ĐOΛΛĐI says:

    You read stories in the national press every week about things like this.
    How do you know it’s a “boy”? It could be a 50-year old man for all you know – irrespective of what photos he’s sent you. If you spend the money, what will you do when he asks to meet up with you? You’ll feel guilty refusing if you’ve taken his money.
    Even if it IS a boy, the chances of it turning into the romance of the century are slim. And he will think you owe him something.
    You must decide for yourself, but be very, very careful.

  4. ~Ruby Le~ says:


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