Should I Apply To Jobs!? Helppp ):?

I don’t know if I should apply to jobs because 2 weeks ago I went to court for shoplifting that was less than $30. Its not that I’m a bad person, its just that I made a wrong mistake. Anyways, my lawyer said that its going to be change to a petty disorder (not sure if thats what its called) but we’re going to court again in june, so he can achieve something lower than a petty disorder (I forgot what its called) due to a new law that’s been passed in the stores where I live. So right now, I’m waiting to go to court so it can be decided. Meanwhile, I really want to apply to jobs because I’m saving up for my books for college for the next semester. Im 19 btw. I know that some jobs run a background check and I hope that doesn’t ruin my chances of getting a job. I want to work in retail as a sales associate and earn a few bucks while saving up for my books. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks !

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4 Responses to “Should I Apply To Jobs!? Helppp ):?”

  1. a person says:

    sure, you can apply for jobs! it may be harder for you to get the job though

  2. Elaine says:

    If a retail store finds out that you have shoplifted recently, I would recommend you to apply for a job when the case is closed. In the meantime, you could try other ways of making money like selling stuff online. This could help you earn the money for your semester books.
    Best of luck

  3. dula says:

    You should organize some of works or job to be more away from shoplifting!

  4. Sammy says:

    You can apply for jobs but it will be hard until you have been clear from any criminal convictions for last 12 months. Still apply and be optomistic and most application form has a section of detail, I am sure when they will read the detail, they might say yes if they are really struggling to find a person.

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