Should I Be Aloud To Pierce My Belly?

Alright I’m 13 and I want my belly pierced REALLY bad to the point where I will get on my knees and beg anyways i know where I can get it done at my age for a discounted price (my uncle knows the piercer) I have 80’s and 90’s in school with the accretion of 1 70 I plan NOT to flaunt it around or think I’m bad *** for having it I just want it because it’s cute I’m not slutty now and I plan not to be a slut after it and if my mom thinks I’m flaunting it around and what not I will agree to remove it so now that you have all that information do you think I should be aloud to get it?

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One Response to “Should I Be Aloud To Pierce My Belly?”

  1. supertop says:

    You don’t have to do it aloud; you can be quiet and do it.

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