Should I Buy A 3/4 Or Full Sized Acoustic Guitar?

I have never played the guitar before, and just want something to mess around with in my spare time. I found two used guitars for sale; I’m not 100% sure on the brands (nor do I really care since it’s just something on which I’m going to goof around–so please no posts lecturing me on brands), but both are in almost brand-new condition with brand new strings.
One is a 3/4, tobacco-stain finish for $30 and the other is a full-sized with a natural finish for $70.
For me just messing around at my house with it, would it matter really which one I got? Of course, I lean towards the cheaper but can afford either. If I ever got decent, I would invest in a better guitar, but I just don’t want to waste a lot of money on something I might not get around to ever learning.

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4 Responses to “Should I Buy A 3/4 Or Full Sized Acoustic Guitar?”

  1. Grandpa says:

    The difference is is based upon your reach. If you are a petite person, the 3/4 size instrument may be the better choice regardless of price. Learning will be easier if you have an instrument that fits you.
    Find a guitar teacher and get their opinion.

  2. lasa r says:

    The important thing is what feels good to you! Put your fingers on both of them if you can and see what feels good to you! You want to check the action on both. That is the distance between the strings and the neck up around the base of the guitar. If there is a lot of distance your guitar will be very difficult to play. The action can sometimes be adjusted but sometimes they can turn out to be crap too so be careful on that one.

  3. Rupert Cornelius Bojangles says:

    Full size. Neither will really inspire you to play as they are
    Both going to sound poor at that price, they’ll sound out of tune
    All the time and probably buzz a lot but if you do realise
    You want to continue at least you’ll have got some experience
    With a full size rather than a kids size. If the $70 one is pre owned
    There’s a tiny chance it could have a solid top which is what
    Produces a better probably doesn’t though.

  4. jcr says:

    3/4 size guitars are intended for children of about 9 years old. You need a full size instrument.
    When you’re learning, having a guitar that is decent quality and properly adjusted can make the difference between succeeding and getting discouraged. Try to get an experienced player to look at any guitar you’re thinking of getting. Be especially careful with used guitars – they may have problems that are not obvious to a nonplayer and that may be expensive to fix.

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