Should I Buy A Game Off Of Steam Before It Goes On Sale?

I recently acquired some extra Steam cash so I’ve been buying games only when they are on sale to maximize what I can get. This is all well and nice but there is one game I’ve been wanting to purchase for quite some time. This game in particular is known as “Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.” The price of this game is naturally twenty dollars on Steam and I have exactly $20.14 left on my account. Since it’s something that I’ve been wanting to play for over a year now it would make sense to go ahead and buy it. It’s rather silly that I find it hard to justify buying anything off of Steam when it’s not on sale but can you really blame me? I’ve saved hundreds of dollars because of these sales along with thousands upon thousands of other people utilizing the same site. It’s like a game in itself to see how much content I can get for each dollar I spend.
Now then, with this information known I would like to ask a question; what would you do in this situation? Personally, I think I might just get the game but I’d really like to know how others would go about this dilemma. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who asks this question to themselves when wanting to buy a game from this website that has huge discounts literally everyday. In that regard, you are welcome those who found my question about Steam sales on Google. I hope this influenced you to finally get that game you’ve been really wanting. Or not… Your actions, and mine, will depend on what the majority has to say. Thanks in advance to that majority who are answering below. Farewell for now! o7

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One Response to “Should I Buy A Game Off Of Steam Before It Goes On Sale?”

  1. Jesse says:

    It’s not a very well known game, and probably won’t be going for a daily deal anytime soon. But you might as well stick it out until the summer sale, which should be in 1 or 2 weeks. If it doesn’t go on sale then, then you should just buy it.
    I played it briefly, not a half bad game.
    Steam is a fantastic, safe, reliable, easy to use place to get games for good prices. For anyone reading this, I suggest you download it (free).

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