Should I Buy A Ipod/iphone/ Tablet?

It isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. i’m 13 and got about £85 ish amazon vouchers for christmas but i can’t decide what to spend them on. because i’m trying to be more girly my first instinct was make up or something like that but now i’m wrestling with the idea of an apple product as I’ve always wanted one. (though the tablet wouldn’t be apple if i was to get one) okay so basically it isn’t exactly enough for well the latest version of an apple product or, for that matter, a new one. so i’ve decide if it was a ipod (touch) it would be 4th generation 8gb, if it was iphone it would be 3Gs or 4th generation and if it was a tablet it would probably be a new one of any kind under £100. Now i really can’t decide which one to get, if any. Also i already have a laptop (samsung) and phone (samsung galaxy europa) but i really have no clue what to get, any advise?

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One Response to “Should I Buy A Ipod/iphone/ Tablet?”

  1. Joseph H says:

    My opinion, you want to get phone, buy android phones. There are flexible and you have many options to access the phone. iPhone 4 are very limited in options and menus. Features are much less than androids.
    Tab, if you use for games, iPad is better. Tablet for android are not bad but features just not nice like iPad unless you get Galaxy Note 10.1. Thats a great tablet.
    Anyway, I have europa as well. =) I flash it to ice cream sandwich on custom rom and it works great. I was able to download so many apps in it because my apps directly link to sd card.

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