Should I Buy A Ti Nspire Cx?

I’ve used a TI 84 Plus for a very long time and am familiar with most of its functions. It was unfortunately stolen a few weeks ago and I’m now considering buying the nSpire instead. It’s not that much more expensive (£105 on and seems to have a lot of features. I’m currently doing IB Math Higher level. Should I stick with what I know or go for the nSpire?

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One Response to “Should I Buy A Ti Nspire Cx?”

  1. Christfo says:

    Personally, I love the TI-84 Plus. I’ve been using it forever, like you. I was considering an upgrade myself. But when my sister just recently got the TI nSpire CX, and the buttons and functions are so different that I’m completely lost. So unless there are some functions that you really need that aren’t on the TI-84, I’d stick with what you have.

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