should i buy a voucher on ebay that offers £30 pound off a wii fit board?

the voucher in turn is to be used at only or but i have never heard of these websites and don’t know if i can trust them? has anyone else tried to do this?

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5 Responses to “should i buy a voucher on ebay that offers £30 pound off a wii fit board?”

  1. eli says:

    sounds a bit dodgy to me

  2. Kevin says:

    Probably not, if you don’t know the website then its best not to trust them.
    Do you know if the voucher is still valid?
    I have heard of some shops that do not accept their own vouchers (this is when the recession first hit, it may not be so now).

    Its only £30, for the sake of card security I would personally order the wii fit from a place you trust like Amazon or Game etc.

    good luck

  3. lbaker2656 says:

    No the voucher may not even be in date. Go to or somewhere similar and find vouchers online.

  4. The LocoManiac says:

    Buddy, It would probably be the most unwise thing you ever do if you buy that voucher. No such thing as a voucher for the Wii Fit Board exists. And these sites are third party sites, probably used to steal your data. So I’d say no.

  5. C says:

    i wouldn’t it could be someone wanting money in my opinion you would be wasting money i hope you didn’t already buy it

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