Should I buy an iphone from

Has anyone bought an iphone 4s before from ebay? Was it good?
and, i suppose, if the seller says : no returns ; can i get my money back if i don’t like it?

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  1. CoolJordanElite says:

    I got a phone from a Ebay and I have had all sorts of problems with the phone the seller also said the phone had no scratches on it when it did now I can’t do anything about that.

    My recommendation No, you should not buy a expensive Iphone 4s from this site because If something goes wrong with It then what will you do and no money back is even worse.

  2. I love Mr Darcy! says:

    You dont buy from Ebay you buy from the seller that advertises on there.
    Ebay are just the hosts for the advertising.
    If the seller says no returns, you cant return it. If it’s faulty you can ask the seller for a refund but they may not give it to you. You would then need to appeal.
    Once you buy something, it’s like signing a contract. You cant just send it back if you change your mind.

  3. Mark says:

    no dont go there the phone could be blocked and then thats your money gone down drain

  4. Pauline says:

    Either Buy new or buy second-hand from Cex or somewhere like that.
    At least you get some comeback if it fails and can examine before handing over good money

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