Should I Consider Welfare As A Potential Career?

Hmm, I see so many young people having kids out of wedlock and getting all benefits just for having a kid, so should I do the same with my girlfriend? I’m Hispanic so they have to be politically correct also and I’m only 22.
If I do it, I’ll get:
– Welfare
– Food Stamps
– Section 8 Housing
– Medicaid
– Assurance Wireless (free cell phone)
– Discounted car insurance
– Free hospital visits
(I hope you see the point I’m trying to make: The lazy ones and “poor” ones and the ones who make stupid mistakes get everything free, but if you work your butt off you get taxed and effed by the government all the time.)

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8 Responses to “Should I Consider Welfare As A Potential Career?”

  1. NONAME says:

    The Tea Party and libertarians want to strip government support
    from the elderly, disabled, mentally impaired and poor.
    These people truly see themselves as Victims of the Victims.

  2. lovelyda says:

    love how you designated yourself “Hispanic” for full effect……

  3. Ocupy Yahoo says:

    Its what I do and it pays pretty good although I can’t pay my 150,000 student loan bill.

  4. Jeff S says:

    Your naiveté and ignorance are appalling!
    even for a conservative troll!

  5. jaker says:

    millions are doing it so it must be OK for some.

  6. I hate onions says:

    Go for it. Being poor is nothing to brag about.
    Perhaps right wingers know a hidden truth since they always complain how great it is to be poor and on poverty. Or perhaps they know from experience.

  7. mushroom says:

    Based on this, I suggest that the choice won’t be yours.
    It will be where you end up. I absolutely guarantee it.
    You won’t think it’s so funny then, but I wlll laugh for the both of us, so it works out okay.

  8. Molly says:

    I actually saw a video where people living in the hood were just honest and saying, “Man I just wanna check.” They’re able to work, they’re healthy, and they aren’t stupid or anything but they just want a freaking check. They just don’t care. Pisses me off.

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