Should I Declare The Vouchers?

My old manager at work has now moved back to Japan. Before he left he was awarded some vouchers from the company for some overtime he helped out with. So as I used to work with him, when they arrived someone asked me to send them to him. So I e-mailed him to let him know they arrived where to post them to etc, and he replied saying don’t worry just keep them. So I replied saying don’t be silly I will post them to you. Then he said no seriously just keep them. So I did and spent them already. Now I am worried I should have declared this to my managers or something as it was the company who gave them the vouchers. Should I say anything? And then just order some to replace the ones I spent if they have an issue with it? I am kind of paranoid that someone saw I had them in my bag and I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was stealing some measly vouchers!
Thanks, probably a stupidly paranoid question!

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