Should I Get An Iphone 4s Or Samsung Galexy S Iii?

My contract at Verizon is expired in about another month so they offered to let me come back and renew my contract for another 2 years and if I do I get a free phone or discount on Smartphones. The iphone 4s will cost me $50 if I renew my contract but if I get the Samsung Galaxy S III I get the phone for $1. My mom has an iphone 4s and says it’s the best.
My dad has the Galexy and says the bigger screen is better for videos. But I can’t decide what phone to get. I am clumsy so much that I had 5 phones last year and 3 phones this year alone because I keep breaking them and the last time my phone fell in water while I was talking to my mom on the phone and doing dishes. Please help a brother out here. Which phone would you get and why?

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4 Responses to “Should I Get An Iphone 4s Or Samsung Galexy S Iii?”

  1. sam says:

    the 4s is definitely a better phone and will be worth the $50. from what ive heard the galaxy line phones break easily and they dont last very long anyway, besides apple is much better quality than android and can do more.

  2. balls-o- says:

    Def the iPhone. An iPhone can survive in boiling water for seventeen minutes. That should be enough time for you to realize where it is an grab it…

  3. Firo! says:

    Iphone 4s

  4. Jonny says:

    Depends if you’re good with using electronics or not. If you’re very bad at using electronics, get the iPhone. It’s straightforward and fool-proof, good even for the elderly or for kids. But it’s extremely frustrating for more advanced users. It won’t let you manage your files (videos, MP3s etc) directly, it forces you to do it all through iTunes and is pretty limited in terms of control.
    A Galaxy will give you a lot more control, but if you have no clue what you’re doing you can screw it up pretty bad.
    Other than that, they’re generally very comparable, although with a Galaxy you’re not overpaying for a fashion statement. Myself, I went from Apple to Android and would never look back.

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