Should I Give My Boyfriend A Puppy?

Ok you know how usually guys give girls animals like puppies, cats, some even turtles? Well I wonder should I give MY boyfriend a puppy?

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12 Responses to “Should I Give My Boyfriend A Puppy?”

  1. Beatrix says:

    a puppy is A LOT of responsibility to go with a gift. I’d also want to pick my own pet, so how about giving him a voucher you’ve made which entitles him to pick a day for you to take him to go buy a puppy. That way you’re still buying it for him, its still a gift but you’re not forcing the responsibility on him and he gets to choose what dog! 🙂

  2. Julie D. says:

    NO WAY! Live animals should never be bought as a gift, and if you are not of legal age, you can’t buy a puppy anyway. If he still lives with his Parents, they may not allow him to have a dog, and that’s exactly why the dog would end up in a shelter. Figure out a different gift to give him, but NO LIVE ANIMALS.

  3. Cookie OTCH Mickey UDX says:

    Only if he wants one and then gets one he likes. Giving a pet to anyone is an iffy present to begin with. It isn’t wise to surprise anyone with a live animal unless they have specifically asked for one and you know which kind they would like.
    After Christmas many shelters are inundated with “Christmas puppies” that were given but not well received, so if this is something you intend to do, please discuss it with your boyfriend first.

  4. Highbread Ding-Bat says:

    NO x 10000000000000000
    Puppies are *living* creatures, not gifts.
    You are giving him a potentially 15 years of commitment to a dog he may not even want.
    The puppy choosing process is a personal one, and I’d be immensely pissed off if someone went behind my back to purchase one for me.
    In the event that he does want a pup, offer to go to the shelter with him to pick out a dog. Or research together to find a breed (and a good breeder) that works for the both of you.

  5. ☆ Memphis Belle ☆ says:

    What perhaps you could do if make a gift of the purchase price of a puppy if you know that is what your boyfriends wants and then let him select the breeder after through research and spending time with well bred adult dogs or a rescue, and then purchase the puppy that matches his requirements and he has the personality, level of experience and lifestyle to meet the needs of.

  6. Lorraine says:

    Absolutely the BIGGEST NO I can write in here.
    If he wants one and is going to buy one anyway and realises the 10 yr plus commitment then it is ok to offer to pay for it if you wish… but let him choose the pup.
    Only under those circumstances would I ever say yes.
    Having a puppy is nearly as much work as having a baby… and not too many young guys want that.

  7. G'hound says:

    Not at random… what if it doesn’t/can’t work out?
    You could buy some kind of puppy care book or accessory and on the box/card write something like:
    ‘There’s something really nice that goes with that…. how about coming along with me to a breeder and picking a puppy of the breed of your choice…. I’ve already saved the money for it.’

  8. Ocimom says:

    No – live animals for “gifts” are never recommended. If your bf WANTS a puppy – you give him a gift certificate to a local shelter and let him go pick out the puppy and you pay for it.

  9. Ama says:

    Pets should never be given as gifts. If your boyfriend wants a dog-especially a puppy-then he can go out and get one himself.

  10. God's Little Couselor says:

    That will be a great idea! Make sure though first that he he can take care of him.

  11. Mr. Sonny says:

    Great idea if he likes dogs & has the time to care for it.

  12. Gayass homoblood says:

    give him puppy

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