Should I Go Into Business With A Friend?

My friend and I are thinking about creating a website together. We are both trying to get into business and we wanted to create a website to showcase our expertise. We are very different and it’s what’s makes so good together. She is good when it comes to sales and management. She’s serious and hard core. I’m more into advertising and marketing. I’m more calm and giddy. When we meet up to talk about our future goals.I can’t help but to feel like the website we are about to create has 70% of her personality and 30% of mines. She usually takes the lead and tells me what she did and then I do my part. I don’t know what to do.
I know it’s weird that I’m asking for advice online, but I’d like to get real opinions.
Thank you.

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2 Responses to “Should I Go Into Business With A Friend?”

  1. ~that girl you dont know~ says:

    No, never ends welll n could ruin ur friendship

  2. Katharin says:

    Hmm.. It depends on how deep is your friendship, but you know as the old saying goes “If you want your friend to become your enemy, lend him/her money” It’s the same with putting up that business. You already felt like the website you are about to create has 70% of her personality is already a sign.

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