Should I Go To Grad School At Age 33?

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To get a Masters…or not…?
I’ll try to make this short without sparing too many of the important details:
-I’m 33, female, single, no kids, with a BA in Economics
-I make in the mid 50’s annually (salaried) and work as a “clinical research coordinator” (enrolling patients in clinical trials). I work at Northwestern in Chicago
-I’ve been in clinical research for 6 years; was in marketing research for 3 years right out of college
-Personality type is: INFP
There’s nowhere for me to go in my current role as a research coordinator working in a hospital. I’m kinda maxed out on my salary, too. Ideally, I need to be making between 70-80k by the age of 40 to retire the way I want in my 60s.
My current options were to (1) start on a Masters in Marketing now at Northwestern. Time to complete would be 3 years. Out of pocket cost would be about $15k total for all 3 years (I get a huge discount as an employee). Benefits: I think I could parlay this into a marketing job that would pay in the 70s. Cons: Spending $500 monthly on classes instead of putting it toward undergrad debt or retirement. Option 2 is find something else that I can do without a grad degree that I can move up into the 70-80k range. Would have to be a job that would pay that amount in the city of Atlanta, which is more than likely where I will retire. Pros/cons: not sure, because I can’t think of what kind of job that would be!
So my main question is, if you were me, would you push ahead now to get a Masters in Marketing…or not? Why or why not?

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One Response to “Should I Go To Grad School At Age 33?”

  1. xxDiDixx says:

    Yes!!! You should absolutely continue your eduction. It’s never too late to improve yourself. Good luck, and keep aspiring for more.

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