Should I Just Stay Home Tomorrow?

okay. so here’s the thing. my attendance has never been that great. we are allowed to miss a certain amount of days before we can teechnically be dropped from classes. but it doesnt happen a lot. we can miss 6 days a semester before they can start dropping us.
i’ve missed 2 so far and they were within a week or so of eachother. i havent missed since the beginning of october (the 3rd)
i was really proud. and started thinking that i wasnt gonna stay home again until next semester. (january)
if we miss 2 or less days we can get a semester test voucher so it doesnt count against us for one of our classes.
i wanted to use it on math because i’m in pre-calc this year and my teacher basically sucks. first time of my life getting C’s on math tests.
so i thought i could use the voucher on that.
but. i really just wanna stay home tomorrow. i have no will power right now. we had a short thanksgiving break compared to everyone else. i need another day to stay home and relax and catch up on the homework that i havent done this weekend.
should i just stay home? or go to school?

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4 Responses to “Should I Just Stay Home Tomorrow?”

  1. newdegel says:

    Get your education .

  2. Ava says:

    only you know your daily stresses and obstacles. think about how each decision will affect you in the long run, weigh the pros and cons, and then decide. i personally love taking days to myself, skipping out on class when i know i don’t need to be there..but then in the long run i find out that i missed something..or my attendance could have work ed to my advantage in some way. its up to you..but don’t regret your decision.

  3. Writer girl :) says:

    Just think: 7 hours of staying home (not really that much time) or giving up a test voucher and giving up the past month and a half of going to school?
    I’d try to go to school if I were you. In the long run, you’ll be happy that you went. 🙂

  4. . says:

    if you don’t need to go, then don’t

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