Should I Leave The House To My Wife?

I need the community to help me think what is fair. I am divorcing my wife, and we have a six years old girl child, and a house. I purchased the house two months before I married her with non marital
funds, but I included her in the title.She wants the house under her name only. I disagree because it would not be fair but at trial the judge will place the house on sale. I don’t know if I am acting selfish with my child. Some people tell me to leave the house to her, others to fight for the house. What is your opinion?

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5 Responses to “Should I Leave The House To My Wife?”

  1. Natasha says:

    I would say that you should let her live there but only if the title is under your name and she can rent from you.

  2. Shahnaz says:

    As you have a kids together it would be good to let them live in your house but keep the house under your name.

  3. Bill Braskey says:

    Make a contract saying she can have the house until your daughter is 18. Then the home goes back to you. Don’t show your wife any mercy during the divorce, your priority is your daughter…Not her!!!

  4. Heather says:

    Are you going for joint custody? I’d say let the judge sell the house if the sale price is split down the middle. If she’s getting the majority of custody let her keep the house if she wants to pay the taxes.

  5. Linda Clark says:

    leave the house to her and if anything should happen to her it should go to your daughter. put it in the divorce or it goes to your daughter when she turns 20

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