Should I Sacrifice Cpu Power For Graphic Power Or Vice Versa ?

I have found 2 all in one pc’s that i am very interested in with links below:
So let me tell you what i plan on using the all in one pc for, i will be playing some very basic games such as The Sims 3 and not so soft FSX (Flight Simulator X), i will also use it to store my media, so photos from a dslr, music and video, the only thing that i cant choose between is power and graphics as the ASUS model only has an i3 while the LENOVO has an i5, but the problem is that asus has the better gpu and the lenovo as far as i can tell has a pretty weak gpu (Nvidia GT615m), and one final difference is
that the ASUS comes with an external Sub woofer for improved sound.
Thanks for any help.

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5 Responses to “Should I Sacrifice Cpu Power For Graphic Power Or Vice Versa ?”

  1. Spac3ner says:

    If you want good performance then why are you even looking at all in one PCs? Their performance to price ratio is poor, plus they can prevent future upgrades.

  2. ROCKY says:

    CPU power is more important when it comes to playing high end games. You could have a 1GB video card but if the game only runs on a CORE2DUO 2.66 Mhz system and you have a slower processor it won’t work at all.
    If the computer you are looking at has a processor that meets or exceeds your gaming requirement than I would focus on the video card instead.

  3. Mitch says:

    i have two answers. go with what is more important to you. do you want a faster computer, or better graphics. pick what is right for you
    on the other hand, you may not have to sacrifice at all. build your own computer. it sounds intimidating, but it much simpler than it seems (it like legos). Not only do you not have to sacrifice a part of your computer, you get it much cheaper too.

  4. trey says:

    all in ones are a terrible idea for gaming in general but if you really want one allow me to educate you.
    the 2 games you named are very taxing on graphics, despite their simplicity they are very rough on graphics hardware. so you would probably be better off with more graphics than more cpu, however that comes at the cost of everything else being slower because your cpu cant multitask as well as the i5. so the question is really, games or everything else.
    my advice to you would be to get a laptop and hook up a good sized monitor to it, they are usually cheaper and have better components so you wont have to weigh your options so heavily.

  5. Will says:

    I would recommend getting a computer that has Integrated GPU in the CPU. This enables the processor to use extra execute stages while processing information. I’d also recommend using Radeon (TM) graphics cards if you can’t get an integrated CPU/GPU. Radeon is a really good line of graphics cards. If you’d like, email me and I can recommend an entire layout that would be excellent for gaming.

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