Should I sell on or

I am selling items on ebay and have noticed that selling on would be cheaper than I am from the UK should I sell worldwide on or

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3 Responses to “Should I sell on or”

  1. Steve B says:

    Americans do not understand the difference between $ and £ …

    If you use, ONLY price in $$ (otherwise you will get LOTS of negative feedback from dumb Americans complaining you over charged them):-) )

  2. LOTR-FAN says:

    Work out would it be cheaper to sell on the UK site and add visibility (around 5p per listing) for US sales (and visa versa)
    By listing (US) you will then hardly be visible in UK
    Depending on the value of your items (and the possibility of lost/not received/and false claims)- make sure you send ISF (international signed for)
    Only by trial and error will you know if the listing fee (and subsequent sales)are a deciding factor to your sales(and losses)
    Try a bit of both

  3. pz-uk says:

    Just sell on otherwise you will get a load of problems with £ and $.

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